An activity performed by students which can be assessed and graded.

Property Expected Type Description
Properties of Activity
assessedBy Assessment The assessment for this activity.
gradingFormat GradeFormat or Text The grading format for this resource
Properties of Task
material SupportingMaterial The supporting material assiociated with a resource.
Properties of InstructionalPattern
Properties of LearningComponent
forCourse Course The Course in which the resource is meant for.
forComponent LearningComponent Which LearningComponent the resource supports (inverse of hasComponent)
hasComponent LearningComponent Which LearningComponent the InstructionalPattern contains or is supported by (inverse of forComponent)
doTask Task Which tasks are to be completed for a LearningComponent
hasLearningObjective LearningObjective A LearningObjective gained as a result of an InstructionalPattern .
deliveryFormat Format or Text The format used to deliver the resource.
Properties of Resource
parentOf Resource A parent in relation to a child resource.
childOf Resource A child in relation to a parent resource.
forCourse Course The Course in which the resource is meant for.
mainContent Text The main content relating to the item.
forTopic Topic The Topic the resource is associated with
Extends class http://schema.org/Thing
Extends class http://creativecommons.org/ns#Work
Extends class http://schema.org/CreativeWork
Extends class https://schema.org/AlignmentObject
Extends class http://schema.org/Action

"Activity" is the value type for Properties:

Property On Types Description
assessing Assessment
The activity the assessment is assessing.

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