Open Educational Resource Schema

Optimize discoverability and usability of educational content



Amplify your content and how it relates to students.



Reference parts of other resources across the web.



Embed other web resources into your own content.

Connecting the Dots

Instructional Designers and computers don't see content in the same way. Where designers see lessons, modules and assessments, computers see headings, paragraphs and sections. Computers can't see how educational content is different from any other content on the web. Until now.

Using RDF technology, created by Google developers, the OER Schema is made. OER Schema is a vocabulary of terms that define and relate the integral parts shared by OER content across the web. Now, computers can see the lessons, modules and assessments in a way that relates to how Instructional Designers think about OER.

Enhance Existing Content

The most brilliant part about RDF technology is its simplicity. An Instructional Designer doesn't need to do anything differently when it comes to creating course content. Instead, the LMS or CMS software can apply the OER Schema vocabulary within the HTML markup for the Designer. For most LMS and CMS Software, incorporating the OER Schema vocabulary applies to all content, past, present and future, immediately.